Excel Keyboard Shortcut Keys

Excel keyboard shortcut keys is the base to become a expert in Excel also Excel Shortcut keys will improve your speed.

Many people (Sales, Marketing, Finance, HR etc.) use Microsoft Excel every day, whether it’s to create a chart, analyze data, or run a report to present at the next team meeting.

Creating reports like these in Excel is time-consuming enough. How can we spend a little less time navigating, formatting, selecting, and entering formulas for our data? Wouldn’t it be great if there were keyboard shortcuts that could help us get our work done faster?

So glad you asked.

We’ve put together a list of 60 keyboard shortcuts for Microsoft Excel. Although you can do all of these maneuvers manually, knowing these tricks will help save you time so you can focus on the stuff that really matters.

Please download the 60 Shortcut keys from the below link and take a printout stick it front of your desk. Once you started using this after a month you can use shortcut without seeing.

1Ctrl + NTo Insert New Workbook
2Shift + F11To Insert New Sheet
3CTRL + PageUp To Switches between worksheet tabs, from right-to-left
4CTRL + PageDown To Switches between worksheet tabs, from left-to-right
5Shift + Space To Select entire Row
6CTRL+ Space To Select entire Column
7CTRL+ A To Select entire Data
8CTRL+ Down Arrow To Move Down End of the Report
9CTRL+ Up Arrow To Move Top of the Report
10CTRL+ Right Arrow To Move Right End of the Report
11CTRL+ Left Arrow To Move Left End of the Report
12CTRL+ Home To Move First Cell of the Report
13CTRL+ End To Move Last used Cell of the Report
14Home To Move First Column
15Ctrl+F1 Display or hides the Ribbon
16Ctrl+F2 Print Preview mode
17Shift+ F2 Insert Comments
18CTRL + Shift+ F3 To Define Name
19F3 To get Define Name list
20F4 To Repeat last action
21F12 To Save As Workbook
22CTRL+O Open Excel files from folders
23CTRL+W Closes selected workbook window
24CTRL+B Make your text Bold
25CTRL+U Underline your text
26CTRL+S To Save the file
27CTRL+X Cut Data
28CTRL+C Copy Data
29CTRL+V Paste Data
30CTRL+Enter To update data for selected Range
31CTRL+Alt+V Displays Paste Special dialog box
32CTRL+ “+” Insert Row/Column/Cell
33CTRL+ “-” Delete Row/Column/Cell
34CTRL+ “+” Directly Insert Row/Column, if Row/Column already selected
35CTRL+ “-” Directly Delete Row/Column, if Row/Column already selected
36CTRL+F To Find Data
37CTRL+H To Replace Data
38CTRL+L To Create Table
39ALT+”=” To apply SUM formula
40CTRL+D To Fill Down the Data
41CTRL+R To Fill Right side to the Data
42CTRL+K Displays Insert Hyperlink
43CTRL+ Shift +O Selects all cells that contain comments
44CTRL+; To get Today Date
45CTRL+ Shift + ; To get current Time
46CTRL+ [ To navigate to source data
47CTRL+1 Displays Format Cells dialog box
48CTRL+5 Applies or removes strike-through
49CTRL+6 Alternates between hiding and displaying objects
50Ctrl + 9 To Hide Rows
51Ctrl +Shift + 9 To Unhide Rows
52Ctrl + 0 To Hide Columns
53Ctrl +Shift + 0 To Unhide Columns
54Ctrl +` To change to formula mode
55CTRL+Shift+1 Applies Number Format
56CTRL+Shift+2 Applies Time Format
57CTRL+Shift+3 Applies Date Format
58CTRL+Shift+4 Applies Currency format
59CTRL+Shift+5 Applies Percentage format
60CTRL+Shift+7 To Apply Border

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Without learning keyboard shortcut do not move advanced excel. Basic level very much help in the advanced level also you can integrate Excel basic and intermediate features in the advanced options and formulas.

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