About Us:

At Digital Dcode we want to help you achieve your professional goals. We provide both Online and Virtual training for students, professionals and corporate for affordable price. We help people to gain the knowledge they need so they can create useful tools, solve problems and get more done.

Our courses & tutorials are for those who use Excel, VBA Macro and Power BI at work and want to become better. By saving huge hours Automating report, saving 1000+ hours with the click of a button using VBA Macro, Prepare Dynamic Dashboard to impress senior stakeholders/management etc.

We are here to help you to learn Microsoft Excel, VBA Macro, Power BI, PowerPoint and MS-Access. Digital Dcode is one stop for all Microsoft reporting tools and our goal is to help you improve your technical and reporting skill which help you to project yourself better than senior in the organization. In this blog you can watch various topics, tips and techniques about Microsoft reporting tools, which help you finish work faster and save huge hours also it helps to grow in your career.

Our Affordable Online Courses with Certification (Post Assessment)

  1. Microsoft Excel Basic, Intermediate, Advanced and Advanced Pros+ Level (18 Hrs Video Content) – Syllabus
  2. VBA Macro Basic, Intermediate and Advanced Level (15 Hrs Content)Syllabus
  3. Power Bi Basic, Intermediate and Advanced Level (15 Hrs Content)  – Syllabus

Frequently asked questions (FAQ):

How do I access the course?

You can access the course from any computer, tablet or mobile device with an internet connection. You have to login to our website with the user and password, post login you view the courses you enrolled. You need a modern browser such as Chrome, Firefox, or Internet Explorer 11 with the decent broadband speed.

How long can I access the course?

It depends on your plan. For individual courses you will have 1 year validity and for Bundle pack (Excel, VBA Macro and Power BI) its lifetime free.

Can I share my access or course materials with other people?

No, but you can recommend your friends and colleagues sign up for a Digital Dcode course themselves! They’ll have access to the complete set of course materials whenever they need it.

Do I get a certificate?

Yes, when you complete the course you need to send a mail to [email protected] and request for assessment template. Send the template to [email protected] as soon you finish the assessment. We will validate your assessment template and if you score more than 70% then you will get the certificate for achievement, If you  score more than 90% then you will receive an Expert Certification, which you can add to your CV, resume or LinkedIn profile.

What software do I need?

You need Ms-Office or Office 365 for Excel and VBA course (Don’t have Microsoft Office installed? Microsoft offers a free 30 day trial of Office 365) and You need Power BI Desktop for Power BI course (Free version can be downloaded from Microsoft site Power BI site)

The Excel courses are Microsoft Excel 2016, 2013 and 2010 compliant. Videos are recorded in Microsoft Excel 2019 and Office 365 for PC.

How do I get help if I need it?

If you have a question, please contact us ([email protected])

How can I get this course for my business?

Digital Dcode for Business is a convenient solution to purchase courses for staff training. Your business will receive discounts for bulk subscriptions, easy deployment and relevant reporting at your fingertips. If you would like to know more, please fill out the online enquiry form. One of our friendly staff will contact you to discuss your requirements.

Are bulk purchases available?

Yes, we offer discounts for bulk purchases. Please contact us ([email protected]) for more information.